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I trained to be a Naval Architect but figured I had a better shot at life going through B-School. For over 15 years now I have been working in asset management in India. Thankfully, work is normally challenging and intellectually rewarding. And I enjoy it. Because work times are generally fixed, it also leaves me time to do other things.

This blog is meant to be a personal blog. Any statements and views are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

I like to read. My favourite fiction genres are crime and humour plus some science fiction & fantasy. I also dabble in philosophy and religion. Then there is history and language. And lastly economics and politics (not elections, but political philosophy).

I have mellowed musically. In college, I was was chided for my taste in music. But in middle age, my tastes have become much more mainstream. Still my choices of are a little out of the ordinary for those around me.

Technology, especially computers, do it for me. I have been using Linux almost since Slackware began (kernel 1.2 was my first). For several years now, my main machines have been running Linux based operating systems. Even my cell phones have tended to have open source underpinnings.

All contents on this site are copyright reserved. If you want to use any of my material please contact me at reachme (at) eyeofsiva (dot) com


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