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What to read: June 3

So there is this thing called the Paternoster. Taken from the first two words of the Lord’s prayer (our fater = pater noster), this refers to the rosay like mechanism that drives this elevator. Picture below from Wikipedia explains how it works. Basically it is a non stop lift that goes pretty slowly, so one climbs on and off when it is moving.

Now if this was the Burj Khalifa lift you’d get your body chopped off before you can get on, but these are slow moving giving enough time to clamber on or off.

So anyhow the country that has the most of these paternosters is Germany (some 231 still in operation according to the Washington Post story below). Even Sri Lanka seems to have one of these.

It seems sort of appropriate that Germany is at the top of the list, right? The absurd story is that they are now thinking that you need training before using these sort of lifts.


Only one item left today: Zero Hedge has a nice infographic on the relative differences between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to different occupations.

I’ll see if I can upload it later because it is giving me an error, but here is a link anyway.

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