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What you should read: May 26

Bloomberg carries a great story in charts of China’s spectacular stock market performance. The Schenzen index has doubled this year alone.

Did China launch yet another massive fiscal stimulus?

Shamelessly copied from Marginial Revolution’s Tyler Cowen:

Given that non-financial total corporate debt is estimated by McKinsey to amount to $12.5tn, Chinese companies are paying on a nominal basis some $812bn in interest payments each year. In real terms, this amounts to $1.35tn. This is not only significantly more than China’s projected total industrial profits this year; it is slightly bigger than the size of a large emerging economy such as Mexico.

Tyler also writes about the success that Bihar had in increasing enrollment of girls in school by giving each schoolgirl a bicycle.

How to travel in style? Answered by Real Men Real Style.

Why are written and spoken French so different? Andrew McKenzie takes a crack at answering this question on Quora.

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