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Captain America: Winter Soldier

Captain America shows up for the third time in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and this time around he appears to be stronger, faster and all-round more interesting than in the previous movies. Maybe after being thawed out, he has finally trained up to be a better (superer?) soldier. All in an action packed movie with lots going on. Worth a watch? Yes especially if you are following the Marvel movies.

Captain America Cast Poster

The rest of this post has spoilers. Read on only if you don’t care or have seen the movie.

First up…… Holy Pulp Fiction Reference, Batman! Did anyone notice that Nick Fury’s tombstone read “The path of the righteous man…” That is straight out of Samuel L Jackson’s lines from Pulp Fiction (Ezekiel 25:17).

The Winter Soldier was a great villain with an acceptable redemption story at the end. What a set up this could be for a new Captain America, or would that be Hauptmann America given his Zola treatment? Even those of us who have never followed the comics knew from the moment in the Smithsonian who he really was. The reveal could have been better.

Next, the movie radically changes the set up since Avengers with SHIELD now thrown open WikiLeaks style (or Bourne Ultimatum style). After all we did learn that after Thor 1, SHIELD was tasked with creating a super-hero team on Earth and with creating advanced weaponry (Avengers 1). Without SHIELD and with Fury going off into the sunset, it will be interesting to see how they set the plot out for the next Avengers movie. Maybe Guardians will give us a clue. What does this do to the Agents of SHIELD TV series? That show started with the events of New York as the background. They were involved with cleaning up London after Thor 2. Now what? By the way this probably explains why Coulson was finding it so hard to find Fury in Agents. Fury was busy planning his anti Hydra plot.

There is plenty of setup for the future thrown in. With new characters Falcon and Agent 13 for sure. But I wish we had seen more of Maria Hill (or as we continue to call her, Robin). We also got the Black Widow, but where did Hawk-Eye go?

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