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The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

The second installment of the Hunger Games series is a fitting follow-up to the first movie. Even though the director changed, the movies are stylistically similar. This is quite unlike the big difference between the second and third Harry Potter movies. For a second movie in a row in this series, the film is remarkably in line with the book. Even the spoken lines (if my memory serves me well) seem taken out of the book.

The Hunger Games are held every year to keep the population of the various districts under check by forcing them to send a male and female tribute to the Games where only one can survive.

There are possible spoilers below. Take care.

Catching Fire is a bridge book. It has two tales. On the surface it is about the Quarter Quell, a special edition of the Hunger Games held every quarter century. Below it tells of the stirrings of an insurgency against the Capitol inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s defiance of the rules when she tries to kill herself at the end of the first games. To quell the revolution, the tributes for the 75th games are reaped from the previous winners of the games. This has the purpose of ensuring that even the victors cannot feel secure from the Capitol’s wrath. Of course with Katniss as the only female to have ever won from District 12, she is forced back into the games the year after she won.

What we see are glimpses of a revolution under way. It is still unorganized for the most part, only with the four note tune, the three finger salute and the mockingjay symbol as inspiration. Katniss herself does not appreciate what she has started off. Indeed she seems to be strangely alone in a bubble of her making even as alliances are formed around her, indeed even as these alliances have to do with her.

We know what is coming – some sort of revolution. That is for the next two movies. In now what seems to be Hollywood tradition the last book is to be made into two movies. It makes sense as there is a lot in the final book and the way the movies have kept the spirit of the books true, it would have been an epic third movie if they tried to make it in one.

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