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Airport security and doing business

The ever readable Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution links to and writes about airport security and whether it has a bearing on the ease of doing business in the country. The linked article refers to Poland and how the airport security/immigration has improved over the years.

I could say the same about India. Indian immigration officials are significantly more welcoming nowadays. A few years ago I was asked why I was coming to the country even though I had been away only for a few days! By the way India is one of the few countries that makes one fill out a form on entry and exit. There is a proposal currently under way to make it applicable for one time per visit (at exit for Indian nationals and at entry for foreigners).

By this logic Uzbekistan has a long way to go before being considered a good place for business or tourism. In my reckoning it will be a decade before it is a reasonable place to visit based on my experience with immigration and customs.

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