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Django Unchained

Saw the movie last weekend. Definitely worth the watch especially if you like Tarantino’s stuff. His casting is now becoming too familiar. Samuel L Jackson is in his fifth Tarantino film, though in this one he really shows another side to his acting ability.

Spoiler Alert!

The plot is pretty interesting in its concept: a german dentist turned bounty hunter frees a slave (respectively Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx). They go bounty hunting over a winter and then turn to the problem of trying to free the slave’s wife who is owned by M’sieu Candie (Leo DiCaprio, his farm is called Candyland). To this end they pretend to be interested in buying a slave fighter (mandingo) while actually trying to buy the slave girl. The premise being that the slave girl who speaks german is fancied by the german dentist. The Candyland major domo (SLJ) figures out the ruse and the plan falls apart Tarantino style. Here is the biggest plot hole though. There was no reason for the slave (Django) to come to Candyland. The bounty hunter could simply have come, run the ruse, bought the slave girl and returned. Why take Django with him at all? Ah well a plot hole that gives rise to a great gun-fight.

The other thing about watching this movie is the contrast to Lincoln, the other Civil War era big movie of the year. One is a gritty western with an anti-slavery theme (Waltz is against slavery and sets Django and eventually the girl free) and the other goes into the machinations that leads to the amendment that abolished slavery in the United States. I won’t go too much into the comparisons, others have done enough (Google it).

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