Media appearance: BBC News!

A quote of mine in the Indian Express got picked up by BBC news! Wow! This is the news organization I have followed for the longest time. I have been listening to BBC since high school (back in the old days when there was no cable/satellite TV).

R Sivakumar of Axis [Bank] Mutual Fund told the Indian Express that the initial fall in the rupee was in line with other Asian and emerging markets, but it is falling now in response to the monetary and administrative decisions taken in the past month.

“We believe the rupee will remain weak as long as growth prospects remain weak. Higher interest rates and tight liquidity conditions imposed by the RBI have put growth at risk and there is the possibility of further weakness while these measures are in place,” the paper quoted him as saying.

Why did they add the [Bank] as if it had been omitted in the original? The article has a helpful picture of a folded Rs. 100 note as if to say, its value is down by a half!


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