Man of Steel review

There will be spoilers here.

I can imagine the scene in the creative team: “Listen we have these 10 random plot ideas and an unlimited CGI budget. What can we make?”

First, let us rip off stuff from everywhere else.

Is it just me or is the scene with Zod and the council reminiscent of the Master in Doctor Who in End of Time?

Spider-man’s uncle Ben= Jonathan Kent, killed for no good reason. Saving a dog. Really?

Zod’s ship and the world engine is a straight out lift from Star Trek. Could not quickly locate a drill mode shot of the Narada, but here you go.

Narada_over_Vulcan1 World-Engine

Why not also point out that the ending for both was using a black hole to suck out the bad guys. At least in Star Trek they made sure the black hole was created far away from earth, instead of over a major city.

While we are on the subject of the drill/world engine, one end is on top of Metropolis, the other in the Indian Ocean. Presumably that is to have the drill go through the Earth’s core. But both are in daylight. Must be all the lights from the filming crew then.

What were those guys doing browsing around the museum? Could they not figure out that there was death and destruction going on around? And why would Superman, who had the ability to break Zod’s neck not have done that in Kansas earlier when he had Zod down?

Why tolerate all the death and destruction around Metropolis and then freak out when a couple more are threatened in the museum? WaPo has a nice piece on this, by the way.

There is no reason why Kal-El should be the first natural birth for centuries on Krypton (is it even canon?). If he is, and children are created by the codex, there should be no reason for lineages. There should be no House of El.

How did Jor-El pack the suit and cape on a 20,000 year old ship for Kal-El to find? If he had 20,000 years could they not have saved Krypton? If Krypton had a technology that preserved Zod, why not save themselves instead of getting destroyed in the core meltdown? How did Zod’s prison survive even when all the outpost planets seem to have died along with Krypton?

And in a likely set up for a sequel, a couple of tankers destroyed in the fight belonged to LexCorp.

I could go on.

The point is, the story does not hold. Special effects are good. Oh and see this rant. Strong language warning.

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