The Great Gasby

One word review: disappointed.

I felt no connection to the film at all. In a “within and without” metaphor there was too little within (involvement in the story) and too much without (popping out of the story especially with the anachronistic sound track). Talking about the sound track, just the fact that in the New York apartment scene when Myrtle pops in a vinyl record, a bass thumping Kanye West raps away (Carraway and Tom Buchanan’s wild night in New York meanwhile, is given such an MTV vision of excess that you can imagine Luhrmann and Jay-Z were only minutes away from throwing Skrillex in on the backing track: There is similar musical madness everywhere else through the film, including the party scenes at Gatsby’s house. See also this Pitchfork review of the music: Most of the cars in The Great Gasby crash and so does Luhrman’s soundtrack and this article that asks, who let the Great Gasby soundtrack happen? Come on, this is Jazz age stuff, could they not have picked any music that kept to the film’s glitz and glamour?

This is the first film in a while that I actually almost nodded off to, catching myself on the verge. This was despite the visual impact of the movie. Perhaps the fact that I saw this at R-City contributed as the 3D was affected by crosstalk and the seat cushions kept pushing the 3D glasses off my nose each time I set my head back.

This one piece of conversation between Gatsby and Carraway probably is the best “meta-review” of the film (the room full of daisies scene):

Gatsby: Do you think it’s too much?

Carraway: (shrugging) I think it’s what you want.

Gatsby: (thoughtful) I think so.

You can imagine Luhrman’s doubts/voice through Gatsby’s here.

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