J Edgar

Not a bad movie. Leonardo DiCaprio plays J Edgar Hoover with conviction. As a biopic it is fine. What it excels at is showing the deterioration of the USA from a liberal place towards a police state led by a paranoid man. The manipulations of several Presidents and Attorneys General along the way; the riding over civil liberties; the illegal wiretaps; one could go on…

What is really interesting is how much forward this has gone today. Hoover may have balked at tapping of journalists’ phones, but today that seems like a small thing.

Of course thanks to the fact that Hoover’s secret files were never recovered, one assumes that a lot of the story is “filled in” for the sake of a story. But it is a movie, not a documentary. So the license is there for the taking. Watch the movie for DiCaprio’s portrayal of J Edgar.

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