Which Sherlock?

So the second season of BBC’s Sherlock has started. I have not yet had the chance to see any episode from this season of the series. But last year’s episodes were fantastic. A modern recreation of a classic. The stories and settings thankfully are fully contemporary unlike the Sherlock Holmes movies that we have been seeing.

So the question is: which Sherlock? The big-screen Robert Downey Jr. version or the Moffat interpretation.

Both are retakes / adaptations, which have little in common with the books. RD Jr’s Holmes is more of an action hero than we can ever conceive of after reading the books. Benedict Cumberbatch is further away in time, but feels truer to what Conan Doyle would have identified with. Though Stephen Fry as Mycroft does have a little something.

Overall I would go with the BBC version. It somehow feels right.

On a related note, is Stephen Moffat the only writer left in Britain? He seems to be everywhere. I have long enjoyed his works like Coupling and Jekyll, and he seems to have contributed to the recent Tintin movie. Plus his Doctor Who work. When does he get time to do all this?

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