Nice Tam Rant

Today’s Times of India has a nice rant by Sharmila Ganesan-Ram on the stereotyping of Madrasis in Bollywood films even today. Worth a read for all of us suffering thair-sadam types.

A quick excerpt. Read it for a nice morning laugh. And if you are a real tam-bram, you are probably reading this over a nice steaming cup of filter coffee. Enjoy.

For ages now,the Hindi film industry has assumed that all the four Indian states close to the equator speak the same language.That everyone in Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka and Kerala,is,in fact,a Madrasi.So,consistently,it resorts to extreme caricaturism or hackneyed hearsay every time it wants to portray this mythical Madrasi figure.That is why the Tamilian on the big screen in Hindi cinema is never subtle or understated.He is,for the most part,the man with the ridiculous accent,given to saying Saar, Baas or Aiyyo and cracking bad jokes in a lungi. So,when I bought tickets to the film on the first day,I hoped secretly that SRK would break these ridiculous stereotypes.

Alas,it was no different

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