British Female Crime Fiction Writers

If there is a genre of fiction that I can say is my favourite, this would be it. There’s always a strange look I get when I say that. It is too narrow to be a genre in itself, right?
A group that includes Agatha Christie, P D James, Dorothy Sayers, and Ruth Rendell has a large enough canon to justify calling it a genre. Many of these are a group referred to as golden age authors.
What’s better than spending a few hours in the company of poet detective Adam Dalgleish, Lord Peter Wimsey the collector of first editions, Albert Campion who evokes awe whenever he reveals his true name, and others of the ilk where the build up of the character is as important as the unraveling of the plot.
Recently I came across the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George. She has been compared to these authors by many a reviewer. The inspector is Thomas Lynley, Earl of Asherton, and his interplay with his sergeant, Barbara Havers, a working class woman is a key part of the stories. It had to fit my fave genre, right? Imagine my surprise on discovering that Elizabeth George is an American! Maybe I should broaden my favourite genre definition, huh?

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