Going back on the road

Another trip coming up, this time to Bangalore and Pune.

Pune should be interesting, if only to see how the city is recovering from the explosion at the German Bakery that (ironically) killed a baker’s dozen. This once again shows that it is not possible to protect targets from terrorism. Targets are infinite. A local news paper here was complaining about the lack of security in some malls to which it sent reporters with concealed "bombs."

The point missed by the media is that the lock-down that follows any incident is what the terrorists are aiming for. They want to incite terror. By giving in to this demand, are we not accepting defeat?

Second, governments love to have the population in fear. This is the ideal environment for concentration of powers especially police powers. When newspapers call for tougher police action, who will defend civil liberties. Democracy is about limited government. And it is incumbent on the people and the media to fight expansion of government power.

Terrorists have an agenda against freedom. Let us not hand them an easy victory.

What I’ve said above is not to say that we should not fight terrorism. We should, but not at the cost of our liberty. Then it is the case of "fighting for peace" a contradiction in terms. Our security forces and intelligence apparatus should be aimed at finding out the root causes of terror and eliminating it at its source.

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