Photographs from Geneva

I have uploaded a bunch of photos to flickr from the Geneva trip. Madrid will follow. Link to flickr on the right of the page. Or you can view the pictures by clicking on the post title.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623225442314″]

Here’s the link to the photoset.

In my mind the one thing that stands out is feeling cold everywhere. My nose and ears, hands, feet. At one point I took some snow in my hands to play with it and regretted it immediately as it froze my hands. The other thing about taking photographs is that you really don’t have the chance to change lenses when each such change requires getting exposed to the weather. All photos on this trip was made using the kit 18-55mm lens. Nevertheless, I am happy with the pictures. They have come out well exposed and sharp, a testament to the abilities of this simple and cheap lens. Perhaps a better all-round zoom may have made it a little more easier to get some of the more difficult shots (dusk / night / from the airplane).

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